Ceramic Brakes


Ceramic brakes on your car add a special value. Ceramic brakes can withstand much higher temperatures
than the normal steel brakes. Ceramic brakes provide a more direct brake feeling and suffer far less from 'fading' or
the reduction in braking power. In addition, ceramic brakes are much lighter than steel brakes, in some cases up to 40 kg
weight can be saved!
A ceramic disc is hard and has a longer life than a steel brake disc.
There are so many benefits to ceramic brake discs. Several expensive sports cars come from the factory with
ceramic brake discs.

Sicom Ceramic brakes

Sicom Carbon Ceramic Brakes

Sicom has been in the automotive industry for 25 years and develops highly specialized carbon-fiber and carbon-ceramic components. As developing clutches for in Formula1 and LMP1 cars, extremely heat-resistant carbon fiber parts, carbon - ceramic brake discs and carbon body panels.
Sicom works, for their ceramic brakes, with a new carbon-fiber reinforced composite material with ceramic matrix.
This particular material has a low density, excellent heat and wear resistance, high mechanical strength and can withstand up to 1400 degrees. Therefore, this material is perfectly suitable for ceramic brakes and matching brake pads.

Sicom offers complete carbon ceramic brakes sets for various models of Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Corvette, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Porsche. Additionally Sicom has Universal carbon ceramic brakes kits in different sizes for young timers and classic racing cars.

The Sicom Carbon Ceramic Brakes kit consists of a set of carbon ceramic brake discs, Sicom calipers, adapters and a set of ceramic brake pads.
The calipers, designed by Sicom, are a two-piece design made from a block of solid aluminum.
This 2-pods calipers are made of special ceramic composite and even at high temperatures Sicom calipers are superior to conventional 6-pods calipers.
The surface of the brake caliper is nickel-plated so that it is not only more resistant to high temperatures, but also protected against corrosion.

If available, the Sicom carbon ceramic brake kits are supplied with a set carbon brake coolers.
At high load brake cooling is of vital importance. Even very large brake discs will overheat due to insufficient cooling. More information about the operation of brake cooling ducts can be found here.

Sicom Keramische Remmen



Sicom Ceramic brakes Refurbishment

Sicom provides an exclusive service for ceramic brake owners. Ceramic brake discs are generally expensive to replace. Sicom has the solution for you, they refurbish your worn ceramic brake discs.
Your worn ceramic brakes will meet all quality standards Sicom also enables their premium brake discs after this process.

Ceramic brakes for your car?

If you are interested in the possibility of ceramic brakes for your car or are you interested in refurbishing your ceramic brakes then you are at the right place at Total Car Concept.
Being Sicom dealer for the Benelux we can help you with any questions. Please contact us by phone +31 (0)10 5210900 or
email info@totalcarconcept.com or take a look at our shop and workshop in Bleiswijk.