Milltek sports exhaust give your vehicle the sporty sound that the car originally misses!

In 32 years Milltek sport has become a 'must have' product in the tuning market.
Where Milltek began developing performance exhaust systems for Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW and Nissan, Milltek delivers an ever-growing range of performance exhaust systems and hi-flow sports catalysts in more than 80 countries worldwide.

The biggest advantages of the Milltek exhaust system:
- High quality
- Optimal performance
- Super fit
- Sporty sound
- Luxury appearance




MILLTEK exhaust sound

'Performance to blow your mind, not your ears!'


The engineers at Milltek have one important mission, finding the perfect balance between maximum power increase and a respectable sound level. Milltek put the needs of the customer at the top. Therefore Milltek provides most of their exhaust systems in 'resonated' and 'non-resonated'.
Both systems provide additional performance in which the non-resonated implements a louder exhaust note but the with a resonated system the exhaust noise will not increase much.

In addition, Milltek also supplies their special ValveSonic system. Milltek set this system available to a range of modern high-performance vehicles.
This plug-and-play system, designed by Milltek, is made so that it automatically adjusts the electronic exhaust valves.
The ValveSonic system measures a number of parameters such as speed, engine speed and gear selection and will, based on this measurement, control the valves in the muffler. The ECU makes it even possible to fully customize this setting to the wishes of the owner.
For ultimate control the Milltek ValveSonic system is equipped with a 'sport' button which can open the valves at any time.

Milltek logo


Milltek sports exhaust are, where possible, curved for improved gas flow and optimum performance without loss
of mid-range torque. The material, used for the Milltek exhaust, is a high-quality T304 stainless steel. This material is anti-magnetic
and is therefore less susceptible to discoloration. All Milltek exhausts are designed, developed and manufactured in Derbyshire, England.

The sporty character of the Milltek exhaust system does not end with its looks and sound but is also particularly performance. Testing on the dyno have shown that Milltek systems also provide more real power! Each car will react differently to the uitlaatsystem but an average power increase of 8-10% is to expect with Milltek.

Milltek exhaust

MILLTEK Exhaust SYSTEM for your car?


All Milltek systems are supplied with the necessary mounting hardware and can be installed without modifications to your car. There are models where the rear bumper needs a little adjustment to fit 2 exhaust tips, this will be clearly indicated in advance.
You can visit our workshop for mounting the Milltek exhaust under your car.
Would you like more information about the Milltek system, prices or make an appointment please contact us at telephone +31 (0)10 5210900 or email Of course you are always welcome to come along, without any obligation, in our shop.