Switzer Performance

Switzer performance and Total Car Concept share the same view on tuning.
We also believe that anyone can sell you performance parts you don't need. At Switzer Performance, they are different as they actively listen when you explain your goals so understand exactly what you hope to accomplish. Switzer performance will challenge your idea of the limits of what an automotive experience are. Power, exhiliration, expression.
Switzer Performance offers comprehensive tuning solutions for R35 GTR Nissans and Porsche that enhances every aspect of the car's performance.

Simply put: if it won't provide a real, noticeable enhancement to your driving experience, Switzer Performance won't sell it.

The Switzer brand is synonymous with performance and innovation. Switzer Performance continuously push an automobile's performance to the next level - and, once that level is reached, Switzer will create a new one. Switzer Performance strive to always evolve, and always improve.

It is a Switzer Performance goal to deliver a truly unforgettable driving experience for each and every client.

Switzer Performance Switzer Performance Switzer R1Kx

Switzer P800

With improved Switzer coolers, exhaust system, air filters, turbos, motor management tuning etc. we can add some serious power to the Nissan GTR and Porsche with, for example, a Switzer P800. Next to the Switzer parts you can contact us for a gearbox upgrade, handling improvements, aesthetics and we do all the servicing for your Nissan GTR or Porsche.

Total Car Concept is the Switzer performance dealer for Europe and England. Switzer Performance delivers different tuning packages for the Nissan GTR and Porsche, the more impressive are the Switzer P700 and Switzer P800 package. These are packages that will bring the car to 700 or 800 hp!! And if that's not enough for you we can improve the P800 to 850hp.

Or even more with the Ultimate Street Edition  or R1K package from Switzer Performance!

Switzer Performance 

Switzer GTR


Next to the Switzer GTR parts TCC delivers different performance parts for the Nissan GTR (R35). As it is, the Nissan GTR is already an excellent and fast performance car, but of course we, at Total Car Concept always search for that extra horse power. These extra hp will make of the Nissan GTR an ultimate Super Car.

At the end of 2009 Total Car Concept purchased a Nissan GTR R35 as Switzer GTR demo car. We've fit a Switzer GTR P800 package so people interested in a Switzer GTR tuning package can ride (along) to see if perhaps it's something for their Nissan GTR too.

Additionally the Switzer GTR demo will be used at various events such as Time Attack. This Switzer GTR demo has been wrapped in matte black and gold metallic foil to protect the paint at the circuit.
After which the Switzer GTR demo was weighed and sent to the dyno for it's first run. Next, the tuning parts were added to the Switzer GTR demo car and we did another dyno run. This way we can demonstrate step-by-step what every part adds to this Switzer GTR demo car and show you this in the dyno printouts.
You can follow the demo Switzer GTR project on this website, see our project page

Switzer P800 Switzer GTR Porsche Switzer P800

Switzer Performance for Porsche

There is simply no substitute for a Porsche, and Switzer Performance doesn't pretend to be able to improve the character of this car.
What Switzer Performance has done with its Porsche tuning packages is to take the best of what a Porsche offers, and enhance it.
A Switzer Performance P800 Porsche is still a Porsche - it is an everyday exotic, as capable of commuting to work as it is of storming a racetrack.
No jerky shifting or unbalanced torque delivery, just smooth easy power and reliability from our P SERIES of pump-fuel daily driver tuning solutions.

The R SERIES Porsches also maintain the classic character of Porsche's finest cars. Around town it drives just like a Porsche (C2), while on the track, it drives just like a Porsche (917K).
Total Car Concept also build a Switzer Performance P800 Porsche. Would you like to know more about this project? Check the Switzer P800 Porsche 997 turbo project page.

For more information about the Switzer Performance kits and prices please contact us or send an e-mail to info@totalcarconcept.com.
Ofcouse you are alway welcome to visit our shop.