Why Green Tuning?
Total Car Concept offers a new form of tuning, especially for customer who want their car to be as 'green' as possible. Odd choice for a tuning company? No, we have years of experience optimizing cars. When we optimize a car with the right parts and adjustments we can make it faster. But at the same time the car becomes more economical. By fitting in certain components we allow the engine to do it's job better. This allows you to choose between driving a little faster or driving economical to save fuel!

To make a car more economical and 'greener' we use different techniques and products. More kilometers, less money, maintained comfort and even better performance. This is available for almost every vehicle; private and commercial, therfore you can keep enjoying your current vehicle and drive affordably. The degree of adaptatation is up to you.
The product
Total Car Concept has many products and complete packages in it's range.
For example you can begin with tyre pressure valves, LED lighting and a fuel additive.
This will cost you a few euros and give an average gain of about 5%! You can also choose for a long life engine oil, a washable air filter and the air-twister. You can find these and more products in our webshop but you can also visit our shop and garage for an overview of all the parts.
Do you want more information about the possibilities for your car?

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