Product information 'Green Tuning'
There are lots of products to make your car more economical. Some have an obvious effect, others are not so obvious. This is why here we provide an explanation of some of our products . If you would like to see tips and tricks to drive more economical check our tips section.
Tyre pressure meterpressure valves

*Tyre pressure meters

It's easy to check your tyre pressure with our tyrepressure meters. Soft tires wear out faster and give a higher fuel consumption. You can save up to 0,5 liter per 100 kilometer this way! We provide various tyrepressure meters. The cheapest solution are the tyre pressure valves. Easy to install, and checks your pressure right away. Find the right set matching your tyrepressure, pack of 2. Choose the deluxe version and check the tyre pressure and temperature even when you're driving! You always know the condition of your tires so extra safety for you and your family! These sets come with 2,4 or 6 valves so you can also use it on your motorcycle or car with caravan or trailer. Also available for trucks with a maximum of 16 valves.

led lighting

*LED lighting

What difference can a lamp make.... a big one! LED lighting uses about 90% less power compared to the traditional lightbulb. Therefore you don't need as much power from your battery, lowering the power your engine has to supply therfore saving fuel. LED are long-life, up to 50.000 hours! Also available for caravan and camper, even for watersports-lighting. Almost all navigationlighting are available in LED type. Can also be used as interieur lighting. LED lighting, compared to the conventional lightbulb, doesn't release any heat.

fuel additive

*Fuel Additive

When you add a fuel additive more kilometres can be made with the same amount of fuel. With the fuel additive your engine has a more clean, optimal combustion. The engine needs less fuel for the same performance. Suitable for gasoline and diesel engines.

air fuel meter

*Personal Coach

Almost all new economical cars have some kind of coaching system. Colors, growing leafs or flowers on your dashboard. Your car can also be accommodated with a personal coach! We have a special instrument that shows the air fuel ratio. This instrument can show you exactly how much you can accelerate and at what points the engine is hardly using fuel, such as when you let the car roll in gear. Make driving economically your new challange!

air twister

*Air Twister

Due to it's special shape the air twister causes an airstream allowing fuel and air to mix perfectly. This mixture causes a more complete combustion so more energy is derived from the same amount of fuel. Depending on the car type and brand the air-twister can save 5 - 10% fuel as wll as realeasing significantly cleaner emission.

replacement filterair filter  


Normally the airfilter is replaced at each service. On average this is sufficient but sometimes it's not enough. Especially if you often drive on dusty roads. Lots of car drive for too long with a clogged air filter. A clogged air filter limits the air, the engine gets less air and will perform worse. Through incomplete combustion the engine will pollute and use more fuel than is necessary. You can replace the airfilter with a washable version. It will cost a little more but will last many years.

- Reducing waste (about 20 milion filters a year are thrown away)
- Lower maintenance costs (don't need to change the filter)
- Better air supply (save fuel)
- Cleaner emission by complete combustion
 spark plugs and spark plugs wires

*Sparkplugs and spark plug wires

There are better spark plugs and spark plug wires available for most cars. They provide a better spark optimizing combustion. This can make a real difference especially in older vehicles, with old spark plug wires. Your car will drive better and more economically. 



*Better oil

Quality oil lasts longer and lubricates better. Therefore the oil won't have to be changed as often so lower maintenance costs. A well-oiled engine will run smoother and more economically. You can contribute actively to further reduce harmful waste. 

energy saver michelin 

*Efficient tires

Next to the right tyre pressure you can also choose efficient tires. These are tires with low rolling resistance, so saving fuel, without compromising on comfort, grip and noise.The Michelin Energy Saver have 20% lower rolling resistance! 


* Green, greener...

No car is the same and you can alway go GREENER. Wondering what possibilities there are for your car? contact us or come along with your car. We can give you a free quote specifically for your car. Please give us a ring beforehand to ensure the best use of your time.