Suggestions to drive economical from "Hollands most economical driver":

1. Consume electricity with care. The rear window heater uses about 3-5% extra fuel, the airco system about 10%!

2. Keep windows closed. An open window disturb the airflow and can cause an extra 5-10% fuel consumption.

3. Airco in the summer. In summer start with the windows open, then put on the airco. You will reach the inside temperature you want earlier.

4. Airco use in general. Don't turn on the airco right away. Wait a few minutes you save fuel and prevents unnecessary wear of the installation.

5. Remove unnecessary airflow disturbers. Roofboxes etc will disturb the aerodynamics of the car.

6. Avoid driving short distances. (less than 5 km) A cold engine uses a lot more fuel, wears down faster and pollutes more.

7. Practical parking. Park the car in the direction your're leaving the next time and avoid unnecessary turning as a cold engine consumes a lot of fuel.

8. Start and leave. Turn on the radio, put on seatbelts and sunglasses before starting the engine.

9. No necessary weight in the car. Carrying unnecessary weight costs fuel!

10. Use the cruise control. Driving at a constant speed saves fuel. It can save you up to 4-10%

11. Keep your rpm low. Change gears before 2500rmp in a gasoline or lpg car and at 2000 rpm in a diesel car.

12. Anticipate! Driving at constant speed saves fuel. Look forward and adjust your driving style.

13. Traffic jam - keep moving. Try to keep moving slowly like truckers do. The right lane is the best place to do so.

14. Traffic lights. Approach a green traffic slowly, keep moving. Don't slow down in case it turns red. It causes unnecessary acceleration.

15. Roundabouts. Look forward and try to maintain speed at the roundabout. This will avoid unnecessary braking and acceleration.

16. Accelerate calmly. Don't accelerate too hard and shift gears as soon as possible.

17. Don't accelerate too slow! You'll irritate the other road users. Find a good balance.

18. Slowing down. Let the car roll in gear. Don't press the clutch. The car uses almost no fuel this way.

19. Stationary. Do you have to wait over 30 seconds? Turn the engine off!

20. Note the type pressure. Soft tyres cause unnecessary fuel consumption. This also applies to a badly aligned car.

21. Clean air filter. A clean air filter makes a optimum combustion possible.

22. Good maintenance. A well maintained car runs flexible and more economical.

23. Navigation system. If you have a navigation system, use it. Traveling the shortest road saves time and fuel.

Suggestions for fuel saving