TCC was established in 1995 by Dirk J. Uittenbogaard. At first we focussed on selling and installing car alarms & comfort systems. But we quickly discovered that there was demand for specific tuning and design accessories for Honda's. As the founder was a Honda driver we decided to fulfill this demand and started importing accessories from the USA.
The demand for tuning Honda's grew very fast so we needed more help, especially with technical knowledge about Honda. Robert-Jan Wildeman teamed up with Total Car Concept. He is the man with lots of experience in Honda tuning, hence the name meep, meep VTEC.

At that point we were working out of garage box, later we relocated our shop and warehouse to a former bakkery. After the first succesful years, in 1999, we needed to move to a new bigger location in Bleiswijk. In 2002 our company premessis was trippled because we were again running short on space. A female employee was hired at the same time, Marina.

Beginning 2004 Dirk J. Uittenbogaard decided to step back from the company to spend more time with his family.

On 1 februari 2009 a new face joined the team, for most probably a familiar face: Richard Landsaat, previous owner of R-performance, becomes co-owner of Total Car Concept. With this step TCC adds more technical knowledge and service to the team. Richard has experience with other Japanese cars like the Nissan Skyline and Subaru Impreza so from now on TCC will tune these cars too. 
In 2009 TCC also started importing Japanese performance cars.
In our workshop we have our full-time mechanic, Kevin as well as Robert-jan and Richard working.
In the last weeks of 2009 one more 'relative' is added to this family, the Nissan GT-R R35. TCC is a european dealer for the Switzer tuning package and naturally will fit a P800 kit on this car as demo.
2011, TCC moved into the builing at the Christiaan Huygensstraat, Bleiswijk. The area of the workshop has doubled, there's a separate showroom, office, cafeteria and enough parking space around the building. A big step forward!

End of 2014 Robert-jan Wildeman decided to step back from the company. From 2015 Kevin Scholtes will take his place. 
Nissan GT-R R35