Frequently asked questions
*Can you send me a catalogue?
Sorry, we don't have a product catalogue.
The tuning market changes so fast it would be out of date by the time you got it.
We try to put as much as possible products on our webshop.

* Can I pay the invoice later?
When you bring in your car to fit parts or have other work done on it, you should pay the invoice when you pick up your car. You can pay by pin or cash. Sometimes it's better to transfer a part of the total amount before picking up the car, especially when it's a large amount as not all atm transactions accept a large amount. In principle we don't give back a car of which the invoice hasn't been paid.
Unfortunately after repeated bad experiences we're forced to do so. We hope you understand.

* Can I pay by card ?
We have an electronic payment device. Ofcourse it's possible to pay half cash and half by card.
Payment by chip, visa and creditcard are not possible. In that case there's an ATM in Bleiswijk center (ING, Rabobank).

*I can't find the product I'm looking for on your webshop...
The tuning market grows and changes so fast it's possible some products have not yet been added.
But if you can't find it, it doesn't mean we don't have it so contact us and we'll let you know.

*Do you also have bulkbuys?
Yes, we have. Minimum purchase for a good deal varies between products but mostly it's about 10 items. Contact us for more info or follow our website and shop, we announce bulkbuys there.

*Can I pick up my order?
Yes, choose for option 'pick up in shop' in our webshop. We'll let you know when your order is ready for pick up. You can pay the invoice before you pick up the products or your can pay cash or card in our shop.

*I don't live in the Netherlands can you send my order 'cash on delivery' ?
No, this option is only available for address in the Netherlands.

*Can I get dealer discount?
Yes, we give extra discount to dealers. But we need all company info.
It's best to send us an e-mail with your company information. Don't forget your tax number.

*If I mount tuningproducts to my car, is that a problem for the APK?
Officially tuning is not allowed but in practice normally there's no problem. As long as everything is mounted well and works it's o.k. But if you mount a catalyst convertor to a car build after about 1993/'94 the CO emissions can be to high.
*How to make your car faster..
Generally most people begin with optimizing their intake and exhaust system. Of course there are lots of possibilities. If you want information about what's possible with your car contact us or come by in our shop. We can put together a list specially adapted to your wishes, and if you're in the shop we can show you the parts as well. NOTE! Tuning is a hobby and therefore it has to remain fun. Always adapt your brakes and suspension preferably before tuning your engine. It's not only safer for you and the people around you but it's also much more fun to drive!

* What happens to my personal data?
We are dedicated to your right to privacy

Total Car Concept respects your right to privacy. We put together this statement to inform you about our procedure.
If you have any questions about this privacy statement send an e-mail :

Total Car Concept is aware of and sensitive to customer conserns as regards there privacy.
We don't collect personal information other than the information you provides. When you register to our site certain information will be asked.
We only use this information to deliver services and to verify your identity when you log in.
We never sell customer informantion to others.
When you have the feeling Total Car Concept violates this privacy statement please contact us at

Traffic data
Every time a visitor enters the Total Car Concept website and shop information will be collected, including domain name / IP address, visited pages and performed searches.
We use these statistics to improve our website.
- The research is analyzed on an anonymous base so nobody can identify or contact you.

Use of e-mail addresses:
- When you register for our newsletter we use the e-mail adress you give us.
- When you don't wish to receive our newsletter you can simply check out.
- Confirmation e-mails for business transactions will always be send to you.

Updates and coments:
Generally we answer all your e-mail questions, info- and/or servicerequests.
We can save (some) correspondence to improve our products, service, website and shop.
* I didn't find the answer to my question yet...
Don't hesitate just contact us and we'll answer your question a.s.a.p.
Phone.: +31(0)10-5210900