Nissan GT-R Transmission

Extra power is no problem but the Nissan GT-R transmission remains an issue.
Especially the Nissan GT-R which, for example, is used on track days and / or sprints will give the Nissan GT-R transmission a hard time.
Even the stock Nissan GT-R transmission can be damaged if the launch control is used regularly.
Fortunately there is a solution, the Nissan GT-R transmission upgrade!

Nissan GT-R gearbox clutch upgrade


Nissan GT-R gearbox upgrade

Nissan GT-R transmission upgrade

At Total Car Concept you are at the right place for all Nissan GT-R transmission upgrades. We provide various Nissan GT-R transmission upgrade stages so we can offer everyone a propper solution.
For the Nissan GT-R transmission upgrade, we use several high quality brands such as Willall, Dodson and Albins to replace the clutch, 1st gear, input shaft, gears, synchros, clips, etc. up to a complete oil pump upgrade.
Even an improved transmission oil pan, for better cooling and rigidity of the GT-R transmission, is among the possibilities when we upgrade the Nissan GT-R transmission.
The Nissan GT-R transmission upgrade is highly recommended as soon as the Nissan GT-R is tuned with, for example, a Switzer tuning package.
But even with milder forms of tuning and a frequent use of the launch control adjustments are recommended for the Nissan GT-R transmission.



Nissan GT-R transmission builds


Total Car Concept has extensive experience with Nissan GT-R transmission builds. After attending various courses and training Total Car Concept can rightfully claim to be the Nissan GT-R transmission specialist in Europe. We are also Dodson Motorsport Pro Dealer.

If you are interested and would like to know more about the Nissan GT-R transmission please contact us by e-mail,
or by telephone +31 (0) 10-5210900. Also, you are always welcome in our shop and workshop for personal advice about the Nissan GT-R Transmission upgrade and you can see some of the components, mentioned above, for yourself. For our address and directions please refer to our contact page.

We can also provide a pick-up and return service for the GT-R transmission in whole Europe.

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Nissan GT-R gearbox build

Nissan GT-R gearbox upgrade

 Nissan GT-R Gearbox upgrade parts