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Total Car Concept is Dodson motorsport Pro dealer in the Netherlands. Dodson motorsport has developed many high quality components for the Nissan GT-R R35 transmission including the world's first 8, 9 and 10 plate dual clutch. Dodson motorsport was founded in the year 2000 in New Zealand. The owners of Dodson motorsport have, between them, 65 years of experience in the manufacture of racing cars, tuning, maintenance and preparation of gearboxes. Dodson motorsport is the world leader in aftermarket dual clutch technology for cars like the Nissan GT-R R35 and Mitsubishi EVO X SST. Dodson motorsport delivers expertly selected, high quality products. 


You can find parts for your GT-R Transmission here:  WWW.GTR-TRANSMISSION.EU

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 Dodson transmission parts

As various Nissan GT-R owners have already encountered the GT-R R35 gearbox is a non-service part by Nissan. Fortunately there are Dodson transmission parts. Dodson Motorsport has designed various transmission parts for the Nissan GT-R R35. With these Dodson transmission parts it is possible to repair a damaged Nissan GT-R transmission and solve problems without replacing the entire transmission. Dodson Motorsport supplies, among others, the '4wd wheel drive gear lock and circlip holder' designed as direct replacement of the original transmission parts. When your GT-R is modified and you are racing or driving it hard this Dodson transmission part is a must! As with continual thrust on the standard circlip it can come off with very serious consequences for your GT-R transmission. Dodson Motorsport also has improved clutch baskets, not only to replace the original transmission part when it breaks down. But also to reduce distortion under load, at GT-R's with more than standard power this Dodson transmission part is recommended. And of course there is the upgraded Dodson '1 st gear and shaft' to avoid the expensive gearbox replacement. There are various Dodson transmission parts for your GT-R transmission to repair, upgrade and make it stronger in a reliable way. Total Car Concept will take care of your complete Nissan GT-R gearbox upgrade.

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 Oil pump upgrade

To become a Dodson motorsport Pro dealer, Total Car Concept had special training and courses.This allows you to be sure that all transmission upgrades, performed by Total Car Concept, are of high quality. You can also contact us for a complete oil pump upgrade. An oil pump upgrade is recommended when a heavier clutch is fitted. The oil pump upgrade ensures that there is sufficient oil pressure in the system with heavier loads. The oil pump is being upgraded with high quality components of Dodson Motorsport. The oil pump upgrade is often performed in combination with a Switzer tuning package and transmission upgrade.

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Dodson Motorsport Pro dealer

Are you interested in the services of Total Car Concept as Dodson Motorsport Pro Dealer?Or do you want more information about the Dodson transmission parts or oil pump upgrade? Then you can always contact your Dodson Motorsport Pro Dealer through, telephone number +31 (0) 10-5210900 or come along, for a personal conversation, in our shop in Bleiswijk.