Supercar Challenge

In cooperation with Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes, Total Car Concept build the Nissan GT-R - Official pacecar of the Supercar Challenge.

We repaired the transmission of the Supercar Challenge pacecar and reinforced it with PPG gearbox components. The transmission is equipped with a Stage 2 upgrade including PPG gears and imputshaft. We also provide the engine of the Supercar Challenge GT-R with some extra horsepower.


Supercar Challenge GT-R


Supercar Challenge GT-R

The Supercar Challenge GT-R is not inferior to the all thoroughbred racing cars that he lead in the position round and warm-up laps. Total Car Concept provided the Supercar Challenge GT-R with, an exclusively composed by TCC, 750R kit. This kit allows the Supercar Challenge GT-R to go from 485hp to 750hp!

Since the Supercar Challenge GT-R is upgraded to 750hp and with the PPG gear set, says organizer Dick Van Elk - Which runs in the Supercar Challenge GT-R - the supercar challenge GT-R now has the potential to drive faster lap times  than most cars racing in his championship!


Supercar Challenge GT-R

Supercar Challenge Official Supplier

Report video Supercar Challenge


Total Car Concept is official supplier of the Supercar Challenge. When the Supercar Challenge GT-R was in the Total Car Concept workshop, the men of the Supercar Challenge came along to take a look in our workshop in Bleiswijk and made a nice report video. This report video will appear on Motors TV and SBS 6! Below is an excerpt from the SBS 6 broadcast, which Total Car Concept tells about the Supercar Challenge pace car, the 750hp strong Nissan GTR.