Heffner Twin Turbo Gallardo 1200TT

Heffner Performance Twin Turbo "bolt on" system for Lamborghini Gallardo. Est. 1380 hp at the crank / 1200 whp.

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Heffner Performance 1200TTG system

0-60mph : 2.8 sec.

1/4 mile : 9.8 sec. @ 157 mph

0-200 mph : 18.1 sec.


Kit contains:

Twin ball bearing turbochargers

Twin TIAL 44mm waste gates

Twin TIAL 50mm pressure relief valves

Custom Spearco water to air intercooler

Stainless steel turbo exhaust piping

Polished stainless steel air charge piping

Twin high flow air filters

Braided stainless steel turbo oil and water lines

Upgraded engine management system

Twin high flow in tank fuel pumps

Upgraded fuel lines

High flow fuel rails

High flow fuel injectors

Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

Four ply silicone hose couplers

T style hose clamps for all air charge piping

Engine removal and disassembly

Installation of steel cylinder liners

Custom designed CP forged pistons

High performance piston rings

New engine bearings

New engine gaskets and seals

New main bearing cap bolts

New cylinder head bolts

Engine assembly and installation

Upgraded twin disc clutch system

Professional installation and tuning


NOTE: To achieve 1200+ whp you are required to run minimum 100 octane fuel. This system is equipped with an in car switch that allows you to switch between the 1000 hp, 93 octane program and the 1200+ whp, 100 octane program.


Lamborghini builds some of the finest exotic cars on the planet. Heffner Performance takes these outstanding works of engineering art to a whole new level. Heffner is an industry leader in induction systems, parts, accessories, and performance upgrades for some of the most exotic and current Lamborghini models.

They strive in creating a balance of horsepower, design, and reliability for these amazing cars without distorting the essence of what the manufacturer intended.

If you desire a twin turbo system on one of the latest models please let us know. Heffner's research and development is always expanding to the latest models.

Please contact us for more information, installation and prices.

Heffner Performance

Heffner Performance is a leading provider of forced induction systems, parts and accessories for some of the most exotic automobiles on the road today. They primarily provide services for the Ford GT, Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, and Viper platforms.

Heffner Performance started in 1998 with a "dream of working on fast cars" to what we have today. They are not just installers of parts.  They are the trailblazers, the designers, and the implementers always going back to the drawing board with new ideas and innovative projects. 

Based out of Sarasota Florida, Heffner Performance is a growing company that is housed within an ever evolving state of the art facility and an ever growing international dealer network. 

The tuner business is a delicate project of balance;  A balance of horsepower, design and reliability.  Without this balance your experience with such machines may be compromised. We strive in creating products that will provide all of the above without distorting the essence of what the manufacturer intended. As a result of our commitment, we have more miles on our systems than any other tuner within our niche. All backed by first class customer service and support.  

We truly appreciate helping our customers achieve their dreams of owning a world class modified exotic. 

Thank you,  

The Heffner Performance Team