Switzer R1K / E1K package

Tuning Package for GT-R R35. 1100+hp race gas/E85, 900+hp on pump gas, 1st GT-R with 1000whp, 2x power of OEM GT-R! Price on request.

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Switzer R1K / E1K package:


Switzer R1K Turbos

Switzer R1K Cast Stainless Manifolds

Switzer R1K Turbo Oil and Coolant Lines

Switzer R1K Turbo/Downpipe Heat Shielding and Thermal Wrap

Switzer R1K High Pressure Wastegates

Switzer R1K Downpipes

Switzer high-flow intake assy. W/ billet MAF, Filters, and Sensors

Switzer "MONSTER" Intercoolers (incl. plumbing, couplings, and BOVs)

Switzer R1K High-Flow Fuel Injector Kit

Switzer R1K Fuel System Upgrades (Lines, Pumps, Fittings, Regulator)

Switzer R1K Boost Control Solenoid

Switzer R1K Cooling System PKG (+ Coolant drain & fill)

Switzer R1K Stage 4 Transmission Build W/ ProMax Clutch

Switzer Transmission Cooling PKG

Switzer R1K Stage 1 VR38DETT Engine Build

Switzer SS90 lightweight stainless steel 90mm sport exhaust

Cobb AccessPort (w/ trans. control)

Switzer R1K Calibration for Cobb AccessPort

Switzer Tuned Transmission Control Unit and Diagnostic Cable


-Upgrade options also available


Switzers stage 2 VR38DETT Engine Build

Upgraded GTR axles

Upgraded axle stub shaft and hubs

Upper and lower differential braces

Switzer 6 wheel set w/ drag radials

Switzer brake upgrades

Switzer suspension upgrades

Switzer "stealth" NHRA certified roll cage


The R is for racing. The Switzer Performance R1K GTR conversion puts 1000 hp to the wheels on high-octane racing fuel and rips through the quarter mile in just over 9.0 seconds, run after run, race after race. Don’t the the R1K’s awesome straight-line performance fool you into thinking this car is a 1-trick pony. With smooth, predictable power delivery and advanced traction controls, this GTR can rock the road course as well.

Now, the Switzer Performance R1K GTR is available with an ethanol option as well- delivering the same incredible levels of performance with cleaner emissions on inexpensive E85. A great option for those with access to ethanol blended fuels!"
Switzer Performance

Why Switzer? 

Switzer performance innovation and Total Car Concept have got the same view at tuning. We also believe that anyone can sell you "performance" parts you don't need. At Switzer Performance, they choose to stand apart by actively listening when you explain your goals, understanding exactly what you hope to accomplish. Switzer performance will challenge what you thought the limits of an automotive experience could be. Power, exhiliration, expression. Switzer Performance offers comprehensive tuning solutions for R35 GTR Nissans and Porsche that enhance every aspect of the car's performance. Simply put: if it doesn't provide a real, noticeable enhancement to your driving experience, Switzer won't sell it. The Switzer brand is synonymous with performance and innovation. They continuously push an automobile's performance to the next level - and, once they reach that level, they create a new one. They strive to always evolve, and always improve. It is there goal to deliver a truly unforgettable driving experience to each and every clients.